Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hey Fashionistas!  I always love to find new and exciting apps or sites that enhance my love for fashion. Pinterest, Feedly, Polyvore..... you name it, I've loved it, and still love it.  Now, I have added another outsource for my fashion creativity and inspiration and that is brought to us by the one and only Free People.

Not only does the Free People blog post funny and unique posts that keep me scrolling for more each time, but Free People has now come up with an awesome new feature called FP Me.  This host allows four different functions to allow your fashion style and image to grow.  "Upload Style Pics, Curate Collections, Follow Stylists, and Heart it all! Join the FP Me Style Community!"

-Share Your Style:  Upload a picture of you styling Free People items.  Find the item on the website and now when others view your photo they can get the look!

-Show Some Love:  Love how you styled your new FP necklace with the new JC booties--- Well I'm sure other will too! Post the picture for other users to "heart" it!

-Be the Stylist: Create a collection of FP items around a trend, occasion or anything else!  Others can now view your collection and get even more inspired!

-Connect with Stylists:  Going through all the different collections there are definitely more than ya know, 100, collections that I love.  Instead of going back and having to find the stylist each time, you can now follow the stylist and automatically seeing anything new they post!

Now get out there and inspire me! I know you will!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tumblr Tuesday: A Fashionista's Inspiration

Fashion, travel, bright light cities and food.. what more can get me inspired!


Fashion Across the US

Post graduation has been extremely good to me.  Coming home from my amazing and eye-opening trip to Ecuador, I worked a couple days caught some rays and enjoyed some BBQs and drinks with friends and family all before I left for another month long adventure.  My five best friends from high school and I traveled across the USA and just got home today.  Although our vehicle wasn't the most stylish (got to love the van though) our outfits were catered to each city and I must say we put our most stylish foot forward at each new state we visited.  While traveling I noticed that each state most definitely had their own style and vibe and I will be re-creating a look from each of our stops for you all to see!  I couldn't be more thankful for the trip and the amazing people I traveled with.  Now that I am home for summer I am so excited to focus on the blog, work and start off my official career in the fashion world.  Looking forward to sharing all my experiences along the way with all you fashionistas like me out there!

 First stop: Tennessee! Nashville & Memphis
{Shirt: Pacific Sunwear, Pants: Nordstrom, Heels: Aldo}

Next stop down to the crazy Bourbon St. in New Orleans
{Top: Pacific Sunwear, Skirt: Topshop, Satchel: H&M-- Beads and masks of course from NOLA}

 Howdy ya'll from Texas- Houston, Austin and San Antonio
{Dress: Macy's, Earrings: H&M}

 After a long, long drive we finally made it to perfect California where we stayed with my cousin in San Diego and visited L.A, Laguna Beach, Malibu and Venice Beach
{Top: California Boutique, Glass, Shorts: Forever 21}

 Onto Viva Las Vegas aka Heaven on Earth!
{Dress: Bebe, Heels: Calvin Klein}

Onto the less glamorous part of the trip but 
breathtakingly beautiful-- The Grand Canyon and Colorado

Last and final stop: Chicago the windy city
{Dress: H&M, Slip: The Pink Closet, Sandals: Forever 21, Necklace: Bauble Bar and Free People}

Can't wait to show you all the rest of my travels! XX L


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Kick-Off to Summer- Happy MDW!

Memorial Day Weekend I think is my favorite holiday weekend.  It's the kick off to summer... BBQs with friends and families in between the endless hours of sweating your butt off working on the boardwalk before bar hopping with the best friends.  You can smell the hot dogs, see the burnt skin from the beginning summer days and of course notice all the BENNYS coming down.  I'm so sad I won't be home for MDW but so incredibly blessed to be able to be in Ecuador right now-- I'll just make the weekend I come home my new MDW!  Here are five looks for all different MDW occasions that you can try (I'll be living through you all with these looks!) Have fun and enjoy!

 {Find all the items here}
 {Find all the items here}
{Find all the items here}

 {Find all the items here}

{Find all the items here

Beers, Tans and Ice Cream

Monday, May 13, 2013

Off to Ecuador!

It's finally here! I leave for Quito, Ecuador today for a little over two weeks! I have been wanting to go on this trip for as long as I can remember and I am so excited it is here.  I will be volunteering with International Volunteers HQ working with orphanages, at schools and  teaching English to kids.  This kind of volunteer work alongside fashion is my absolute biggest passion.  Every trip I go on changes my life and impacts it like no other.  I am so excited to meet the cute little nuggets and see how they change my life!  I won't be able to really post, but know that I of course will be learning new fashion tips.  See ya all in South America! XX

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Would You Wear It? Polka Dots & Stripes

I always come across trends in magazines, blogs or just people watching and I give the whole "Hmm.... that's different, can I do it?"  There are also a lot of trends that I don't like at first and then I become obsessed with and vice versa... trends I think are trends that nobody is catching on to (some day...).  This look of polka dots and stripes keeps catching my eyes and I've been wanting to try it out for a while now.  I have found some of my inspiration and put together four looks of these two classic patterns.

Got some inspiration? Try these looks now!
 {Find the items here}
 {Find the items here}
{Find the items here}

{Find the items here}

So the question is... would you wear it?

Fashionista's Pleasures

I promise not another I'm so sad I'm not in the promiseland posts anymore.  Although I am the worst ever with change from this point on I am embracing the new chapter of my life and taking each step with confidence and excitement (and of course in killer heels).  I've always been so excited for my career and I can't believe it's finally here and that freaks me out but excites me beyond belief.  I will be sure to keep you posted throughout my whole fashion journey.  However for now, I couldn't be more blessed to leave such a wonderful place to come home to an also wonderful place. I've always been obsessed with my home and living at the beach, so instead of being sad about not being at JMU I am being grateful for where I live with my new best roommates (my family... my dad is having way too much fun with this role) and the best home friends ever.  I know the family I made at JMU will remain just like it has here at home.  So, with the mourning period now being over and I'm back to myself here are some of the best things about being at home.

 {Beautiful day at my favorite place in the world}

 {The Pool in Harrah's in AC- visit with everyone from school, love being so close!}

 {I think I may turn into sushi with how much I've eaten this week- Love all the lunch/dinner dates with my mom, dad and friends!}

 {Lots and lots of shopping- Do'de Jur in Red Bank}

{OBSESSED with my new arm candy from my aunt! Green Sewn recycled one of a kind bracelets}

Hope these little things can bring some pleasure into your life too!